Monday, 19 May 2014

Best Oganisation in Cumpus (Enactus Kabarak) 

What we do
At Enactus-Kabarak University we strive to making the community a better place. EnactusKabu is a set up organization which is growing rapidly in terms of members and activity.Kabarak University has represented Kenya in the ENACTUS WORLD CUP  two times. 
We have several projects up and running already in Preparation for Beijing China.

Students becoming a part of one of the largest global student organizations has its benefits:

  • EnactusKabu is the best Club in Campus. 
  • Enactus students are regarded as the 'cream of the crop' in your community and among business leaders.
  • Participation in an Enactus projects helps one gain knowledge and skills to be used in Life.
  • Many Companies in Kenya understand the important role that participation in Enactus has played in your development, and they recruit heavily at Enactus events. 
  • Enactus competitions offer opportunities from recruiting booths to job offers and interviews.
  • Enactus is the link between the job market and University students
  • Enactus offers numerous occasions in which internships, scholarships, and awards of recognition are available to participating students
  • Enactus offers opportunities to participate in strengthening your skills whether you want to take on a leadership role or support the quality Enactus projects developed by your team

Guided by Academic advisors (Mr.Balongo), Enactus alumni Like the Former President (Marion) and business experts from our donor companies, EnactusKabu create and implement community empowerment projects Like the Cocob Project.
The experience transforms people’s lives and helps students develop the kind of talent and perspective that is essential to becoming progressive leaders.


  1. great work jaymycals, big up and #enactus is the best organization there is in any university worldwide, it opens doors and changes peoples perspectives.I am a victim of success because I AM ENACTUS.