Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I usually liked reading all the gossip and scandals that the Kenyan gossip websites had to offer from time to time but never really saw the real impact they had on people and persons mentioned on the gossip and scandal until today.
Today in the morning a friend of mine told me to go and check a post about a Kabarak lady who is infecting people with HIV/AIDS and has already infected 324 men who 156 are Kabarak Students. I was shocked when I saw the article how the lady has an aim to affect 2000 more men who are going to fall on her canny ways.
She did describe her whole ordeal of how she got infected with the killer virus and how she was about to kill herself and more. But in her story there are some gaps and misinformation that gave us an impression she was lying about everything. If she isn’t lying then she is not from Kabarak. Why? You would ask. Here is why:-
party1. In Kabarak main campus, men are banned from ladies hostels and if any man is found loitering around the ladies hostels then he or she would be suspended from school.
So the part where she said that they went back to the hostels and had an after party after partying in Nakuru town is All FALSE.
2. The person she named, Javan, has never been in this school. I am on my last semester of third year and I have never heard any person called Javan. Kabarak University is a small university and one would basically know everyone in the school so if nobody in the school has ever heard about this Javan then this is a scam.
3. From September 22nd 2013 until November, why did she wait that long to test if she had gotten the HIV virus?
4. December has 31 days, January has 31 days and February has 28 days. If you add up the days you will end up with 90 days exactly. And the lady said she has infected 324 men from December. Let’s do the math.
If you divide you will get 3.6 that is 3 different dudes per day.
You will ask yourself is she a prostitute or what? How can a university student who has classes and assignments have time to f**k 3 dudes in one day.
Doesn’t she get tired? Each and every day  she is f***ing 3 different dudes and some may last the whole night for those who get her during the night.
id225.  Kabarak is a Christian University and many of the students uphold some Christianity principles and rules. Even you reader can you do have sex with a lady whom your friend has just finished with her?
Surely no! Maybe if you didn’t know that your friend was doing her then you may find yourself doing with her.
6. Where she said she has even infected politicians is totally a lie. No politician has ever been in town without us knowing and surely a politician??? !!! No explanation there.
There are many faults and misinformation on her information, I bet she did not know we have a brain to think. This whole gossip is false and people from Kabarak should just relax. I suggest to Kenya Post to take down the whole gossip because this is an insult to President Moi and our vice-chancellor.
Or is it because Moi Kabarak High school won second spot overall in KCSE. Yeah I bet this is it. There is somebody out there who is envious of this mighty institution of Kabarak and just had to post this up to tarnish our image. Just yesterday we received good news then today? This is it. I cracked.
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